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Anime After Dark-Boston

Anime After Dark is a touring Anime film festival dedicated to presentation and restoration of classic and culture changing Anime films.

This masterpiece by Studio Ghibli is presented for the first time at an American theatrical venue as a special promotional release for the upcoming 20th anniversary pay-per-view event.

Grave of the Fireflies is the heartbreaking story of a family torn apart in wartime Japan. With the fate of their parents uncertain, a brother and sister must fend for themselves during a time of extreme hardship.

Called "the most profoundly human animated film I've ever seen" by animation historian Ernest Rister. Film critic Roger Ebert says "Grave of the Fireflies is an emotional experience so powerful that it forces a rethinking of animation."

A super-powered teenage schoolgirl fights to stop an alien invasion in this 1986 classic comedy adventure.

Satoshi Kon's groundbreaking film unfolds when a documetary crew follows reclusive elderly actress Chiyoko Fujiwara. Reality and fiction are blurred as her life unfolds through a century of her greatest movies.

Kevin Williams of the Chicago Tribune calls Millennium Actress, "A piece of cinematic art. It's modern day Japanese animation at its best... It's animated, but it's human and will touch the soul of anyone who has loved deeply."

Winner of the Grand Prize at the Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival 2001 and the Ofuji Noburo Award at the 2002 Mainichi Film Awards.

Tatsuo Sato's surreal psychological adventure. Traveling time and space in search of souls and fresh water, two cats share an amazing journey.

Best Short Film at the 2001 Fantasia Festival.

Orphans clash with the Yakuza in the fictional Takara Machi. Based on the manga "Black and White".

"By the end of this phantasmagorical journey, I was as wrapped up in the precarious fate of these two wounded kids and the honorable yakuza warlords of Treasure Town as I've been in any film all year." Andrew O'Hehir,

Winner of the 2008 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

In this cyberpunk police thriller, a sequel to the classic genre defining film"Ghost in the Shell", cyborg cop Bato unravels the mystery of why pleasure robots have started to murder their clients.

"A dazzling spectacle." David Hughes, Empire Magazine

A finalist for the 2004 Cannes Film Festival Palme D'Or.

More films to come!

Attention Boston Cosplayers!

We are hosting a cosplay contest with fabulous prizes from Tokyo Kid! Tickets will be handed out by judges to 10 people to compete!

If you are a cosplayer and want to help hand out fliers on the 8th of October, please e-mail me at jessie at jessiepridemore dot com.

Please pass this along and post where you can! Any bit of help is greatly appreciated.
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